Success Stories

“Blue Vase Recovery Center was the answer that I needed right when I needed it. My life was out of control. I had a 6 figure salary in a business that I had been in for 11 years. I was on the verge of losing everything in my life that was important, MY WIFE AND KIDS. I had already accepted selling all of my toys and doing what I had to do to pay the bills while I was doing my 6 months of treatment. RIGHT AWAY my family had hope again. Blue Vase didn’t just help me but they stayed in contact with my wife and answered all of her questions and kept her in the loop on what was going on. They assured her everything was going to be ok. I have been clean for a year now and still going strong and my family is doing great. I have developed such a bond with everybody at Blue Vase that I can’t seem to stay away from there. I love stopping in and still attend A.A. regularly. The thing I love the most is that if they don’t see me for a couple days somebody is SURE to call and check on me. Blue Vase is part of my family now. ALWAYS AND FOREVER.”

“Truly a life changing, life saving program. Thanks to
the Bevell’s and Dr. Brian, our family has a very
precious person returned to us.”

“Blue vase helped restore my power of choice. Thank
you Jimmy and Brock for believing in me. I now have
the power of believing in my self.”

“I recommend BVRC highly. The program is a great way
to turn your life around and make positive connections
in the community. They teach the youth who enter the
program how to love and respect themselves as well as
others. I’ve witnessed many lives turned around for the
better because of this program. This center is a god sent
to this drug and alcohol infested mountain.”